Music Review and Interview with Exposed Vocals

This song really surprised me, in a beautiful way. The acoustic guitar, the simplicity of the beat, the two contrasting yet cooperative vocals. The overall vibe created by the music is one of a positive and optimistic outlook, which is always something worth paying attention to. The lyrics that light up the space between the sounds are even more so directed towards hope and joy. It’s a really unique song, there are so many lines that surprise you as you listen; none of it is quite as you’d expect, which I love – none of it is predictable.
The only thing I thought was perhaps missing was maybe an instrumental build up or slight variation at some point within the backing track – although, having said that, the simplicity of the music was what initially caught my attention. I love that the lead female vocal just oozes personality and character – there is so much of her own story and her own life in there – it’s so unique, and perfectly in keeping with the nature of the lines and the overall concept of the song. All People is a term in itself that holds so much strength and hope in terms of the way the world is a the moment. This song perfectly encapsulates that idea of oneness – togetherness, acceptance, peace, happiness. It’s a well written and original track that is hugely unique in a number of ways.
The main point of music like this is to leave you feeling good, and there is undoubtedly a lasting feeling of good vibes when you’ve listened to All People. The male vocal is confident and smooth sounding, the melody is soothing and memorable, and then alongside that – the female vocal is so stylish and expressive. Letting individuality and personality shine through in music is so important, and so effective, especially in a song that promotes the idea of everyone as equal. ‘I’m told that life is a game, play fair.’ ‘I just want to be different, and I want to make a difference’. ‘It’s OK not to fit in’. There’s so much that is good in this song. I wish Shimei Empress all the best and look forward to hearing more.

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Shimei Empress is a Kenyan-born and Detroit-based rapper-singer who began her music career in Nairobi  in 2005, and moved to metro Detroit around 2012 for graduate school (Eastern Michigan University). Her sound blends neo-soul, R&B, electronica and hip-hop, while her lyrics are a melodic, percussive flow of confession, compassion and prevailing positivity. Her EP, "All Tethered Soul," will be released this fall; it’s her first full recording in English, which is actually her fourth language. She is intent on continuing to splice a diverse range of sounds and styles into her energetic rap, while incorporating a blend of the languages she speaks. 5 p.m. Saturday, Vibe Credit Union International Stage

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